Rubber Threshold Ramp Curb Ramps

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Dimensions: 35.4 L” x18″ W x 3″H
Material:good rubber

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Model No Length Width Height Unit weight Material Capacity
TRA01 1100mm 210mm 25mm 4.2kg Rubber 5000kg
TRA02 1100mm 320mm 38mm 8.4kg Rubber 5000kg
TRA03 1100mm 410mm 50mm 12kg Rubber 5000kg
TRA04 1100mm 420mm 64mm 14.7kg Rubber 5000kg
TRA05 900mm 450mm 75mm 14.6kg Rubber 5000kg
TRA06 900mm 530mm 88mm 19.5kg Rubber 5000kg
TRA07 900mm 61000 100mmm 25.4kg Rubber 5000kg


HEAVY: This heavy duty ramp weighs in at a 32 lbs so it is suitable for powered mobility scooters, wheelchairs and walkers. Shower entry thresholds. Any odor or rubber smell will dissipate quickly.

INDOOR or OUTDOORS: Threshold Ramp is made of 100% recycled Rubber (35% raw rubber), and will work well in either environment. 1-4 inch riser is solid and wide for any electric motorized (or not) chairs. Bridge a small brige for handicapped accessibility .

HOME or BUSINESS: Use in the front of your house or industrial property wherever a lip, sliding glass door, step or protruding edge is creating a trip hazard. You can trim the ramp if needed and mechanically fasten should it be necessary.

OUT OF HOME : Perfect for any transition such as garden shed, riding mower access, lawn power tools and accessories, sheds, garage, driveway or any small doorways. Heavier than metal aluminium and portable flimsy folding ramps.


*Made of 100% recycled Rubber (35% raw rubber).
Rubber content is the key of quality
*35% raw rubber content can make the ramp have very good performance, perfect appearance. Perfect black and shinny
*Without unpleasant rubber smell.
*It can be used indoors directly
*Two packing methods . (carton or woven)

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