Rubber Corner Guard

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Item No CG01
Length 600mm
Width 100mm
Thickness 10mm
Unit Weight 1.25kg
Holes 4
Material Rubber

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Protect columns in retail environments and corners in parking garages or storage facilities.

For loading docks, warehouses, garages or offices that need protection our Heavy-Duty Corner Guards will complete your design in a variey of wing sizes and colors.

Choose the economical flexible vinyl corner guards, with the look and feel of rubber, or choose the high impact rubber corner guards.

Corner Guards provides the most protection in storage spaces, parking garages and loading docks.


Wide variety of uses in industrial and commercial applications to withstand abrasion and jolts
Provide maximum protection in storage spaces, parking garages and loading docks

Mounted vertically or horizontally along the conrers of the walls or beams to prevent damage
Heavy-duty flexible compound prevents damage to equipment and vehicles to save moeny

Easy installation
Maintenance free
Tough and long lasting in severe weather


1. Yellow and black interval, noticeable in the day.
2. Fit  with the high light yellow reflective material,draw drivers’ attention on unclear day or night .
3. Rubber is good material to protect vehicle and constructions of its softness .
4. It is easy to install,and the production is durable and flexible.



A Rubber Corner Guard provides corner protection without the hassle. The design is robust and fits perfectly in corners, limiting damage. A quality appearance that is suitable in a variety of areas. Simple installation with adhesive strips for immediate use.

Quick and easy corner protection
Limits abrasion from unnecessary contacts
Durable construction can withstand rugged use
Works well in a variety of settings


Made of 100% recycled Rubber (10% raw rubber). Rubber content is the key of quality. This is my basic rubber material which effectively reduce
Long lasting and cost efficient


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