The placement and function of wheel stoppers.

The wheel stop should be placed behind the non-steer wheel (preferably on both sides of the wheel), and the outside is flush with the tire. It plays a role of safety protection when someone accidentally leans on the front and rear ends of the vehicle or checks the gear when starting the vehicle.

Operation steps

1. Place wheel stoppers.

Place it close to the outer edge of the wheel. The main purpose of placing the wheel block is to prevent misoperation from causing the vehicle to move. In the event of a safety accident, the front and rear wheels can be placed (preferably on the non-steer wheels), so that the lifting of the vehicle is not affected and the vehicle cannot be moved.


2. Place floor mats.

When placing, lay flat according to the position of the footprint on the floor mat. The purpose of laying the floor is mainly to facilitate the removal of dirt and debris brought into the cab by the maintenance personnel, and to keep the floor in the cab clean.


3. Install the seat cover.

When placing the seat cover, open the seat cover first, install the seat cover from top to bottom starting from the head of the seat, and then use the end of the seat cover to fully protect the seat. Prevent body dirt from soiling the seat and keep the seat clean. The seat cover is made of thin plastic, which is easily damaged. Therefore, when installing the seat cover, the force should be even, and the end face should be flushed after the cover. Avoid excessive force and uneven end faces that may damage the seat cover.


4. Install steering wheel cover.

When placing, first unfold the steering wheel cover, install the upper end of the steering wheel, and then pull down the steering wheel cover from top to bottom until it is completely covered. The steering wheel cover is made of thin plastic, which is easily damaged. Do not pull the steering wheel when installing it, otherwise it will damage the steering wheel cover.

Prevent dirt on your hands from staining the steering wheel and keep the steering wheel clean.


5. Open the engine compartment cover.

First pull up the engine compartment cover release lever located on the lower left side of the steering wheel, then dial the engine compartment cover lock handle, lift the engine compartment cover, and use the cover support rod to support it. Pay attention that the cover support must be firm and reliable.


6. Place the front grille cloth.

Open the front grille cloth when placing it, stand in front of the vehicle, make sure to place it in the middle position and hold the magnet on the front grille cloth firmly.


7. Place the fender cloth

During the placement process, pay attention to the standing position with both feet facing the wheel, and the semicircular wheel groove at the bottom of the fender cloth to center the wheel. The fender cloth should be placed firmly, and the magnet should be firmly attached to the body to prevent it from falling, and to prevent the wheel from being covered and affecting the wheel inspection.

Post time: Sep-27-2020