How to deal with suspension “killer” speed bumps?

Speed bumps are very common facilities in life, mainly to better allow the driver to control the speed of the car, and to protect the personal safety of themselves and others. So how to pass the speed bump correctly?

1. Cement speed bump

This kind of cement speed bumps usually appear in the junction of urban and rural areas, and they have a very high lethality to the car. A faster speed can easily lead to the bottom.


2. Pure yellow speed bump

This kind of speed bump will carry out continuous “attack” to the car, but the height of this kind of speed bump is relatively moderate. Even if it is a continuous attack, as long as the speed is slowed down, the lethality of the car is very small.


3. Speed bumps in black and yellow

The color is more obvious, and it is clearly visible when driving at night. This kind of speed bump can be called a “sports car killer”, and it hurts less for ordinary cars.


4. Widened speed bump in black and yellow

This kind of speed bump has a larger width, and the height of the middle bump is similar to that of a conventional black and yellow speed bump. But because it is an upgraded version, the killing effect is still quite large. If you don’t slow down and pass through this wide speed bump, it is easy to support the bottom.


Post time: Sep-27-2020