Are the speed bumps that can be seen everywhere really standard?

Friends who drive should have experienced speed bumps. For cities, speed bumps appear in schools, hospitals, communities, etc. most of the time, mainly to make car owners slow down and pay attention to safety. For rural areas, more It is placed at the entrance of the village or in places where trucks often pass by to prevent trucks from crushing and destroying the road for a long time. However, the development of the speed bumps has gradually changed. So, are the speed bumps that can be seen everywhere, really standard? Does it really work?

Speed bumps are also called deceleration ridges, and there are three most common types in China.

The first is a high-speed speed bump.

High-speed deceleration belts, also called deceleration markings, are made of hot-melt materials. They are friendly to cars and have low bulge, but they can effectively remind the car owner to slow down. Because people are prone to become sleepy during long-term high-speed driving, the speed bumps are also to improve the driving safety of all car owners.


The second type is plastic or cast iron speed bumps.
It usually appears near schools, hospitals, and residential areas in cities. It is made of plastic and cast iron materials. It is relatively mild for the car, but the bumps over time are significantly greater than the high-speed speed bumps.


The third type is cement speed bumps.
This kind of speed bumps generally appear in the countryside or near the urban-rural junction because of its low cost and its effect. If you drive past the concrete speed bump without slowing down, it will do great damage to the car itself.


Post time: Sep-27-2020