0.8m Garage Rubber Corner Guard

Short Description:

Item No CG14
Length 800mm
Width 100mm
Thickness 7mm
Unit Weight 1.0kg
Holes 6
Material Rubber

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Suitable for Different Scenes
● Parking protector to line the walls of your garage, warehouse and parking spaces. Protect your vehicle’s door against damage from bumper, bodywork and other place.

● Can be folded as right angle to protect the wall edge and corner of your garage or parking area

● Parking is easier with the yellow and black warning strips to guide you.

● Easy installation on almost all smooth surfaces including plaster, wood, metal, concrete, etc. Ensure the inside of bumper and wall edges are clean & dry before use. To make the adhesion secure, use the double-sided tape on both sides of the bumper as recommended, not down the center.

If you have ever wasted time fixing cracks or dents in corners, you should consider our rubber corner guards. These are perfect for anything from parking lots to garages to warehouses. Wherever you need to protect corners from high impacts, these will provide excellent results.

The rubber corner guards we have can suit any of these locations perfectly:

  • You could use them in car parks to minimise any damage a vehicle would leave behind if it scraped your corners. This helps not only you but also the vehicle owner.
  • Our corner guards are ideal for loading docks or warehouses where heavy objects regularly move around. Any accidental corner grazing will no longer leave nasty marks behind.





1. Made of high strength rubber, good compressive performance, and a certain degree of softness, can effectively protect the vehicle from being scratched when the vehicle hits

2 with glue or screws installed in the corner, in the vehicle impact will not loosen the surface of the yellow reflective film, so that the corner protector black and yellow, especially eye-catching, reflective light at night, so that the driver can see the wall position. Easy to install, easy to maintain, suitable for parking lots, residential areas, toll channels.

Rubber corner protector, also known as corner protector, is made of high strength rubber to warn the driver and protect the vehicle wall.

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