Big 1 Channel Rubber Cable Protector Ramp-2XC11/2XC12

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The cable ramp designed for protect wire or cable .For safety purposes and highlighting the protector is given a high visibility safety yellow finish.
it prevents damage to the cables from pedestrians.The cable protector is also useful in preventing tripping accidents due to tangled or running cables.

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What Is the Purpose of Cable Protectors?

Special fire protection trough, protect the special fire protection trough, very durable.

Many people step on the wires in their workplace and cause kinks that prevent them from working normally. This can be a big hassle, especially if the cables have to run through a doorway to the device they’re plugged into. It’s also common for people to have cables on the ground at their place of work. If there are vehicles coming and going all the time, then it’s crucial to have quality cable protectors installed.

We have protectors that can handle four or five cables and some that are able to hold just one. These protectors are invaluable to those who have spent money replacing their cables over and over again.

Big 1 Channel Rubber Cable Protector Ramp-2XC112XC12 (1)


Big 1 Channel Rubber Cable Protector Ramp-2XC112XC12 (2)


Model No Length Width Height Unit weight Material Channel Channel size Color
2XC11 850mm 300mm 125mm 16.8kg  Rubber 2 100(W)x95(H)mm   Black
2XC12 860mm 300mm 50mm 14.5kg  Rubber 2 100(W)x70(H)mm   Black

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