800mm Rubber Corner Guard

Short Description:

Item No CG02
Length 800mm
Width 100mm
Thickness 10mm
Unit Weight 2.4kg
Holes 6
Material Rubber

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Indoor parking lot pillar or channel protruding part of the * * * with reflective Angle, Angle of reflective strong reflective effect, can warn the driver driving safety at night, in the limited parking area, car even hit the corner of the room, because of the product itself is a soft rubber as the main body of the material, also won’t big damage to the car, which can protect the corner or pillars, and can protect the car.

Also known as anti-collision strip, anti-collision block, anti-collision glue, corner protection, corner protection glue, corner protector. Material is rubber. It is a yellow and black rectangular sign.

Installation position: installed on the column, corner and rear wall of parking lot. The installation position is the lower edge of the rubber anti-collision strip 20 cm above the ground. Installation method: embedded in the parking lot partition wall and column corner, with expansion tube fastening screws in place. Role: the parking lot is indoor column or channel protruding part *** add reflective corner. Anti-collision strips installed in the parking lot can prevent vehicles and other vehicles from hitting buildings in the process of driving and turning, or rubbing or colliding with the column, scratching or touching the car paint and column. Reflective film on the surface can also serve as a warning and protection. Even if the driver’s negligence leads to a collision between a vehicle and a building, the damage can be reduced. Rubber wall corner protection, hankun produced beautiful and practical.



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1.Constructed from high impact resistant rubber .
2.Includes reflective yellow strips for visibility.
3.Designed to protect the corners of a building from damage.
4.Works great inside and outside.
5. This corner guard not only protects the structure and
appearance of a building but also prevents scratches and dents to the vehicle.

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