1.2m Rubber Wall Corner Guard

Short Description:

Item No CG07
Length 1200mm
Width 140mm
Thickness 10mm
Unit Weight 4.0kg
Holes 8
Material Rubber

Product Detail

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1. Yellow and black interval, noticeable in the day.
2. Fit  with the high light yellow reflective material,draw drivers’ attention on unclear day or night .
3. Rubber is good material to protect vehicle and constructions of its softness .
4. It is easy to install,and the production is durable and flexible.





Made of 100% recycled Rubber (10% raw rubber). Rubber content is the key of quality. This is my basic rubber material which effectively reduce
Long lasting and cost efficient


Rubber corner guard (corner protector) for warning and protection of drivers

Columns and vehicles. Embedded in the parking lot partition wall and column corner. yan

The color is yellow and black (yellow is reflective film) and placed on the ground

Lower the parking lot on square columns to prevent vehicles from turning when, and

Column friction or collision, scratch or bruise car paint and column.

High standard technology, suitable for parking lots, garages and other places. Used to protect the corner from being hit

Caused by the accident. Made of industrial rubber, in 500 tons of press molding, table

There is a honeycomb reflective film on the surface, which has a good reflective effect when illuminated by car lights at night

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